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Part of the implementation process is software training, so you can get started directly with the system. Thanks to the ease of use of our software and our practice-oriented approach, the number of training days is minimal.


Are you looking for a complete manufacturing solution? Then we have the answer! Unique, efficient, reliable, complete and incredibly productive, TopSolid is a powerful manufacturing solution for modelling, simulation and production (geometry, assemblies, structural calculation, dynamics, etc.). Such functions provide a powerful means to meet industry-specific requirements for the drafting, design and manufacture of products. Discover our full range of products and increase your productivity!

Our solutions to your needs

TopSolid Product Range

TopSolid’Cam – CAD/CAM software that is ahead of its time

Become more competitive thanks to TopSolid’Cam a simple, intuitive and scalable global CAD/CAM solution. Easy to use control a lathe/grinder or a continuous 5-axis machining center reliable and….

TopSolid’Sheetmetal – The CAD/CAM solution for the sheet metal industry

Design and manufacture parts with a simple all-in-one solution that achieves significant gains in productivity. A unique integreted CAD/CAM solution An automatic solution that also offers a broad s…

TopSolid’Progress – The cutting and stamping CAD/CAM solution for toolmakes

Design complete tools in 3D Easy retrieval of all your customer’s digital3D data. Quick calculation of flat perspectives and material engagements. Define the strips, cut, folds and deformations Use ac…


Dedicated TopSolid solutions and innovative, high-performance products that your students and apprentices will rediscover with our numerous customers in France and elsewhere. The same tools used by ind…

TopSolid’Design  – A revolution in CAD

Design complex assemblies in record timeIntuitive user interace Totally integrated PDM Interfaces with all theleading CAD Tools on the market Optimized management of large assemblies Powerfull modeli…

Why TopSolid?

To be or not to be TopSolid? That is the question.

If you are looking for a complete CAD/CAM product to meet your manufacturing requirements – retrieval, modification, creation of geometries, building on know-how, production using any technology, control of operations and machines, publication and organization of technical data – then we have the answer! Unique, efficient, reliable, complete and incredibly productive. 

Panasonic, Safran, Legrand, DCNS, GE, Sanyo, Sidel, and thousands of others all over the world have opted to automate and integrate their industrial production by implementing a genuine digital chain that faultlessly links their design, production and management system using the best practices and according to the state of the art. Join us.


TopSolid is a unique blend of innovation and technologies. Mathematics and geometry, mechanics and material science (metal, wood, sheet metal), IT top-quality ergonomics, and process engineering. How refreshing to have all this knowledge in a software package that is comprehensive, easy to use, robust and just natively awesome! 

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Want to download and test TopSolid’Design? Proceed to a one-time registration and you will be able to download the full 30-day TopSolid’Design 7 Trial Version, as well as extensive tutorials and TopSolid’Viewer. 


Missler Software manages International TopSolid’Forum,
The aim of this forum is to provide users with a mechanism to communicate with each other, and it will allow free discussion between TopSolid users all over the world. The new forum, where English is the language of discussion, will enable TopSolid operators to discuss and ask questions to other operators across the globe, without the forum in any way replacing technical support provided by Missler Software and its VAR reseller network.
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