CAD/CAM TopSolid training

Learning a CAD/CAM system can be difficult task, but TopSolid training options, it is easy! We offer a wide variety of training options, books, tutorials.

On  Site:
Depending on your location, we are able to come to your facility and provide on-site, hands-on training and support

In-Office:Our office are located in Aberdeen. Come in for the personal treatment and leave with greater knowledge of how to optimize your projects and achieve higher results.

  • TopSolid’Design for CAM : Basic design functionality
  • TopSolid’Design Extended
  • TopSolid’Assembly for CAM : Design of stresses
  • TopSolid’CAM 2.5D : Basic CAM and 2.5D milling operations
  • TopSolid’CAM :3D
  • TopSolid’CAM : Simulations
  • TopSolid’Design for CAM: basic design functionality
  • TopSolid’Turn : Turntables with chisels
  • TopSolid’MillTurn : Powered tools axial, radial, with C or Y, second turret and subspindle
  • Upgrade training : functionality in new software version

Should you have any questions, would like to arrange a meeting,  please contact with us