Engineering services

CNC Off-Line / On-Line Programming

MGC Technical Service Ltd provides engineering services acting as a subcontractor and with the application of newest CAM systems and most effective’s CNC programs.

We offer exceptional customer service, fast response, and competitive price.

We are proud of the acceleration in customer productivity by 90%.

MGC Technical Service Ltd offers CNC programming services for any size of the engineering project, which may include modeling, fastening design, drawing for individual operations, selection of tools, technical support on-site CNC programming and checking this program on the machine.

With each CNC program, we provide a setup sheet that shows the orientation of the items, the position of the base point, and key dimensions.
Set sheets are also provided to identify used tools, tool positions, the length of the sharp edges and the length of the stem.
All our programs are checked to ensure they are reliable and free of any errors in CNC programs.

We also offer an on-site program check. Let us take care of your CNC programming, we can use different data formats, from paper drawings to the mounting modules. 
We work both on-site and off-site, and we can use our own hardware and software.
We can charge by the hour or by day and we can also offer a fixed price, depending on the nature of the project. 

FREE download

FREE download of Turning Speed Calculator
FREE download of Phosphate Weight Test Form
FREE download of Material Weight Test

Here are some of the data we have worked with:

  •  Paper drawings 
  • PDF 
  • DWG/DXF 
  • IGES